Entrust us with your property

Entrust us with your property

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For each property entrusted to us, we produce a genuine, professional-quality photographic report, together with a dossier that combines the technical aspect with the quality of the text to best reveal the property. A video presentation can also be arranged, some examples of which can be found on our website.
 We undertake to keep you informed in real time of the progress of the sale of your property, in particular by sending you emails to let you know that we have received a request for information, but also after each visit by sending you a report, which can be given verbally if you wish. You will also be kept informed of any advertising campaigns undertaken, and a regular "contract review" will be carried out in line with your expectations.


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Our business is recognized internationally.

We are a member of the internationally recognised "Who's who in Luxury Real Estate" agency group. This means that our properties on file benefit from international visibility. In fact, thanks to this partnership, a selection of agencies throughout the world present our properties directly to their own clients.

Your property file, sent on request to interested clients, can of course be viewed on our website dedicated to beautiful properties and on the following websites specialising in the sale of top-of-the-range properties:
The Botella Real Estate website, dedicated to our selection of prestigious, perfectly bilingual properties and a selection of our partners' websites – the list is available on request.

We are comfortably located in Barjac at 5 place du Docteur Roques, in Goudargues at 5 Place Martial Bonnefond and in Uzès at numbers 12, 14 and 16 on the town's main thoroughfare, Boulevard Gambetta. Our agency is therefore unrivalled, and what's more, we have a file of solvent clients who are determined to buy and who often have the power to make decisions very rapidly.
The positioning of our agency allows us to achieve very good sales and the presentation of your property in the window will add real additional value.
Last but not least, we present our selection of beautiful residences in carefully crafted, highly-regarded hard copy magazines such as Beau d'Uzès - Beau de Provence, Propriétés de France and Made In Uzès.
What's more, we guarantee you full investment and personalised follow-up from the advisor assigned to your file, who remains your privileged contact right up to the sale.
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